Hello friends, fans, and family, it’s Tiffany and I was leader of the day today with the theme of “Aid and Development!”

This morning I woke up and knocked on everyone’s door at 6:30 am and we begun our day with breakfast at 7:00 am. On the third floor all the glimpsers arrived to tables with cereal, bread, pineapples, and other condiments. We had breakfast for thirty minutes and followed with an academic seminar led by our amazing global glimpse leaders Mr. Salgado and Mr. Robertson.  We were educated with how and how much the United States helps and aids other countries in need.

At 9:00 am we had a guest speaker from the organization of FUNDASEP come talk to us. FUNDASEP is a nonprofit organization which helps out the communities in the area by building and creating sustainable equipments that will benefit the people. The speaker was very informative. The organization collaborates with about 35 churches and worked with 27 communities. FUNDASEP helps each community depending on the community’s needs. For example they have installed aqueducts so the people living in the community wouldn’t have to walk 2-5 kilometers a day to get water. FUNDASEP focuses on building stoves, installing aqueducts, preserving natural resources, managing gardens to eliminate pollution in the areas, providing energy access, and providing health patricians.  I believe that everyone was able to receive some knowledge about the organization and its purpose.

Around 9:45, our guest speaker and everyone climbed on the bus and we headed to El Batey  which is one of the many communities FUNDASEP supports. For 45 minutes we passed amazing scenery and beautiful green landscape with cows, horses, and oxen roaming freely. We arrived at a church and met around 13 different community leaders who also worked with FUNDASEP. They gave us an interesting performance with upbeat drums and singing. They were very energetic and were kind enough to invite us to dance with them. It was a fun experience to be able to have everyone dance and twirl with such inspirational people. We split up into two groups and had a tour around the community. We learned about the difficulties the community has to go through and were able to see what FUNDSEP does to help the community out. We found every person in the community inspiring and it helps us realize that we need to lend a hand to those in need of help.


Glimpsers taking a tour at El Batey!

We headed to lunch around 1:00 pm which was fun because we were able to use the aux cord and plug in our music. We were able to listen to some music back from home which reminded some of us of the bay area. After lunch we had a split up in our different groups to further elaborate on ideas and plan for the upcoming community project. One group went to check on supplies and prices and went to get some ice cream. While the other group went to check on paint and prices. We had some down time until 3:00 pm where we reunited with our CAP groups and discussed some more plans.  In general each CAP group is very on top of things and we are excited to proceed on with the project.

At 4:30 we had preparation for our second to last English class until 5:50 where we headed to the school. Surprisingly we were there before the school was even open! English class lasted till 7:45, but with everyone’s excitement and energy we didn’t leave till around 8:00. A lot of people were taking pictures and giving goodbyes, but they forgot that our last day is on Monday!

We filled our stomachs with pasta and bread and headed to the hotel for the nightly meeting.  We crowned our next leader Fernando and our special person of the day for tomorrow is Esmeralda C.! Thanks for reading!

P.S.    D’ mani says, “You can blog back, but you can’t pick up my phone call?”
P.P.S  D’mani also says, “Don’t pick me up from the airport.”
P.P.P.S I’m sure all of the above is a joke.
P.P.P.P.P. S We all miss home. We have less than a week left so please remember to mark your calendars!