IMG_4636 ¡Hola! We are Diane and Jamie and we were the Líders del Día for today.

We started our day with a delicious breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and granola made by our awesome food provider Carlos and his staff. Then, we had our academic seminar on Aid and Development and we were split up into pro- foreign aid and anti-aid groups and read and analyzed documents. We also had a fun human knot energizer!

We then headed off to a unique café called Café De Las Sonrisas where the staff is deaf and the café provides numerous aid to the community such as a place for breastfeeding mothers, school supplies for kids, and jobs for those with disabilities. We heard the owner, Tío Antonio speak on our power as American consumers and how sometimes smart consumerism is better than charities in this case for Nicaragua. After his powerful speech, we all learned how to make hammocks and a little bit of sign language.



For lunch, La Café  De Las Sonrisas provided us with delicious lunches like Spanish Tortilla, Egg and Bacon Pasta, and burritos. After lunch we were able to buy some hammocks from inside the café!

Then, we headed off to Casa de Botellas where the owner, Gissa welcomed her lifestyle technique where she provided homes to those who needed it and do workshops. She and her helpers showed us how to hoola hoop, use sticks, juggling, flips, and etc. We then went to our first tutoring sessions where we taught kids, teens, and adults. Great experience for us and them. We went to la Favorita for dinner where the staff made food like the 4th of July style and it was delicious. We headed back to the hostel for our meeting . We hope you enjoy this blog. Thank you and we look forward to reading your comments! IMG_4638