We woke up at 7 am, and had breakfast at 8. Our breakfast was pancakes with maple syrup, and scrambled eggs, followed by strawberry juice, bananas, and watermelons. After breakfast, we had a mental warm-up about a speaker named Carlos Corcino and his community. We then got on the bus and talked to Carlos. He talked about what he accomplished with the support from his neighborhood and his belief in God. 

Once we were done listening and asking questions, we went to a nearby basketball court full of children. Some of the Glimpsers were able to play and talk to the children. We said our goodbyes to Carlos and the younger kids and hopped back on the bus to get lunch back at Dilenia’s hotel & restaurant. Lunch was sancocho (a Dominican favorite meat soup) with white rice. Then we had free time, and at the end of our free time, we had a small meeting about the CAP project. 

We went to Barrio Las Flores (Neighborhood of Flowers) to meet the community and asked what they needed. Amauri, who’s the president of the neighborhood, was showing us around the area to give us ideas of projects that we could help them with. A bridge that connects to communities, houses that are worn down, etc. 

Once we made a loop of the area, we got back to the hotel to decide which idea would be the best for our budget (Around $600), people (36), and time (18 hours). We ended up choosing to help build the bridge. We started on the CAP design, we chose categories for the Glimpsers, and did a blueprint of the bridge. Then dinner was mashed yucca root, vegetables, and fried cheese. We got to experience a successful person who helped out his community regardless of the consequences. Then we met a community that needed help and saw the true colors of DR which gave us a profound perspective.