Hooray, we made it to Nicaragua after a legnthy journey!  For most of us, the journey started at 3 am at San Francisco International Airport for our 6 am flight!  It was quite a crowd of families and loved ones that were so kind as to send us off.  Despite the early morning many of us were too excited to sleep on the plane.  We made our way to Miami and met a few Glimpsers from other parts of the US in the Miami airport.  Having enough time to get some lunch, we waited a few more hours before our short flight to Nicaragua.  All in all it was a smooth journey with no problems which was definitely appreciated with such a large group!   We arrived in Managua and cleared customs quickly with all of us ready to start our adventure! We were all so excited!!!  Once we got out of customs, we meet our Global Glimpse Coordinators, Eliza and Brayan.  It was so great to finally be in Nicaragua!  Since we arrived after dark, we spent the night in Managua before heading to Leon.  Eliza and Brayan were so kind as to order pizza for our first meal in Nicaragua.  We ate dinner and met briefly to discuss our agenda for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are heading to León where we will be for the rest of our adventure.  After such a long trip, we were all ready for bed excited to begin our journey in Leon, the next day!




Jorge, Brayan, Elisa & Candi. Coordinators from Leon (Elisa & Brayan) and Matagalpa (Jorge & Candi)

photo 5

Our luggage

photo 2