Hey fam, from Elena and Marilyn,

Today is June 27th and we had a super chill day at home. For breakfast, we had Gallo Pinto, scrambled eggs with ham, bread, and some fruit, real scrumptious!

After breakfast, we had our morning meeting and let our Global Glimpse fam know the plan for today. There wasn’t much going on until we started playing games. The first game we played was Ninja and I, Elena was so so bad at it. HAHAHA. Marilyn made it to the finals, what a queen. After that, we played poker face with water. Eventually, we all just ended up with water in our mouths spitting it everywhere.

Before our main activity of the day, we all wrote letters of appreciation for our Global Glimpse coordinators (Adrian and Leydi), caterers, and bus drivers throughout the trip. They all came out so cute and we wanted to make sure that we showed our appreciation for them.

We also had a guest speaker named Karla to talk about conservation, while also keeping us engaged by handing out cards and giving prizes at the end.

Then we had to start the bittersweet process of packing for our return to the Windy City. Even though packing is difficult, we all managed to get it done. After some of the girls finished packing, we headed over to the other girl’s room to bochinchar y chismosiar (gossip).

Throughout the day, I (Elena) did Marilyn, Iris, and Melanies hairrrrr, which I ate up yall. My mom always says I have heavy hands, but they didn’t complain at all (haha mami). For dinner, we had some scrumptious chicken with yuca and a pasta salad. Now as we conclude the day, we are all going to savor the last few moments with one another as one little family.

Two more days and we’ll be back home guys!! Can’t wait to see you all and spill the tea.

Love you mom, papi, omy, tio, grandma, char bear, and the rest of my family. Be ready to feed me when I get back because yall already know Im gonna be hungry. <3
Miss you so much Mom, Dad, Peter, Pablo, and nena. I can’t wait to hug you all and give you kisses. I am definitely going to need my favorite food when I go back home 😉
-Love you all, Marilyn