Hi, my name is Yen Sy and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1. Fun Fact: I love to run with my hair down and the wind blowing it back as I take every stride. I do runs for fun and I have completed a half-marathon. Currently, I am in the process of training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Besides running, I also enjoy slowing things down and taking my time to stop and smell the roses on long walks around my city.

2. Most Excited About: I am SUPER excited about learning what the culture is like in Nicaragua and exploring the city! Also, I LOVE to eat so I’m excited about all the different kinds of food that my taste buds will get to experience.

3. Most Nervous About: I’m not very good with speaking in front of a group of people and I have a speech impediment so it makes me nervous when I have to do public speaking.

I apologize for the late post but I am ecstatic to meet all of you!!