20150811_132308 Monday, August 10th. Another day to explore Nicaragua in groups during our free time. Today the glimpsers and I had the opportunity to go around Nicaragua and have fun, while some of the group went to calle de la Calzada others went to central park, the video game store, the smoothie store, and the Internet café, Café de las Sonrisas. What surprised me the most was that aside from visiting a location with a ton of souvenirs the day before many glimpsers still wanted to buy more things to take back home which I taught to be very generous. That also made me think of how much they love Nicaragua and would love to remember the tremendous experience that they are having. What I am most proud of is when the glimpsers how such a kind and loving heart to one another if they see that someone is feeling down or needs support with a task. I am also proud of the amazing work that our glimpsers are doing in their English Tutoring class at Maria Auxililiadora the students are learning at a steady pace which is amazing, especially when you have to use as little Spanish as possible to help them learn English. I didn’t meet anybody inspiring today but I did hang out with people that I don’t normally hang out with which were Matthew, Aleena, and Jordon. I really like their eclectic personalities because they are engaging and inspiring at the same time. Being El Lider Del Dia was an experience that I missed because I used to be in that position where I facilitated activities for groups of people within the same age as me and also for teachers. But more specifically about today’s experience would be that it is a real responsibility to lead the day making sure that everyone is on time to each activity and safely crossing the street ,engaged in each activity, and thoroughly informed about what is going to happen next. What I learned about myself is that I got better through the day and performed self-growth actions without needing to be told. This was very interesting to find out because it meant that I was acquiring a skill that I didn’t have before I came on this trip.