Dear Families,

Day 2 in Nicaragua, and we’re loving it! Today was amazing, we took a walking tour of the city, and learned a tremendous amount about the history of Nicaragua and some of the past and present leaders. We also visited Jalacate, a beautiful rural location where we hiked down and down and down a steep ravine into the woods and met Alberto Gutierrez, an elder who sculpts and carves into the surrounding stone. There were peacocks and anacondas, major literary and political figures, it was thought-provocing and inspiring! To top it off, we experienced our first afternoon rain, all while we were hiking up and up and up that same steep ravine. It poured! There was thunder and buckets upon buckets of rain, but, we made it, and definitely got closer during the climb! Here’s a picture of us in Jalacate¬†with Mr. Gutierrez!