Juan Bosh Park

Juan Bosh Park

After the group arrived, we made it to our Hotel Bed & Breakfast in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  By the time we had arrived in the B&B,the group had been traveling for over 12 hours. They were tired, sweaty, but were very excited.They got in their  rooms quickly, we checked in everyone’s phones, and headed off to sleep 30 minutes later.

Me as Líder del Día gave a 9:30 AM wake-up call this morning, which was excellent because the group and we could sleep and rest enough.After that, we got an AWESOME continental breackfast at the hotel, thanks to the colombian staff; they are the best cooks ever.

Arco San JuanThen we star with our first program seminar´´Culture and safety´´ where we talk a little be more about the culture differences and how we can work as a family for this next weeks. We boarded our bus with Cristian (our driver)  and drove for 3 hours and a half to San Juan de la Maguana.

Finally we arrived in San Juan!!!! Our hostel is nice. They  have the 3rd floor for the whole group,there are about 2-3 people per room and each room has a bathroom :D. We got to know each other better with a terrific energizer led by Jackie.AND ALSO we got the group  started with some ground rules, expectations, and hostel norms.

Statue of Caonabo.

Jackie and a some helpful youth ambassadors supported us in giving a the group a tour of the city. We started with the statue of Caonabo, went to the disorientated square, visited UASD university, Juan Boch park, the city hall and the Cathedral where the group finished by sharing interesting facts that they learn from ambassadors.


After a powerful tour of the city, the group grabbed  their first  meal in the Dominican Republic! At Sheila´s where the staff and Sheila of course, received us with a beautiful welcome and  fruit cocktails.We all are going to bed now, but tomorrow is our culture and history day!!WE ARE READY!