Family and friends!

We made it safe and sound. If you didn’t see my last post, I’m the GGL that joined in on the fun a few days ago!

I’ve got to say, I’m already impressed with the energy of the staff and the group. I had a four hour flight from NY and by the time I landed at 8:00pm, I was feeling pretty tired. That quickly changed when I met Jatnna and Kristin, our lovely on the ground team. For a team getting a late night start, they were super high energy and it only got me feeling great for the arrival of the Glimpsers. And boy, what a crew! MY co-GGL shows up riding solo with these kids towing in line. The first thing I want to do is check in and see how I can support her – I’m thinking she’s exhausted after being at the airport pretty much all day. Nope! Cyndi was ready to roll. Started telling me about how some of the students got to the airport really early {a few before her}. And most importantly, how excited she was to be partaking in this experience with them. The energy is contagious!

So everyone is feeling great and ready to go. I’ve already had the chance to interact with a couple of students. I found out this is Theodore’s first time outside of the country. The thing is, for someone’s first travel, he seems really comfortable and ready for the challenge. They all do.

I’m so glad we all took the opportunity to come on this amazing journey and look forward to the coming days.