Que lo que!!! (What’s up)

This is Isabelle and Amy, the leaders of the day for the final reflection. Today we said our goodbyes to Sheila( the owner of Onaney), the ambassadors, and San Juan De La Maguana. We gathered together to have our final reflection seminar within our group, then finished packing and took the bus from San Juan de la Maguana, to Santo Domingo.

The majority of today, we had our seminar to debrief our experiences with everyone. The seminar consisted of multiple activities such as: individual illustrations, concluding what we cherished the most during these few weeks, a start, continue, stop activity which is about what we will change once we come home. Additionally was, the circle of appreciation activity in which we shared what we thought about each other, anonymously. Finally, closing it off with big love, shouting individuals out for actions that inspired others.

Once we had shared what this amazing experience had not only brought us to our delegation, we then had lunch with the youth ambassadors to also give them thanks for the volunteer work they have done for us; also thanking Sheila for providing for us as best to her abilities.

Today we learned that the experience we had in past two weeks is only the beginning of the legacy that each of us will start. We took learning experiences and memories from this trip that will help better ourselves and help us grow and flourish. We all learned so much about the differences that counties have with the way of living and the religion and the environment, the similarities that we all face, such as discrimination and immigration issues. All of these things will keep us open minded with a global perspective, which will we bring back to you and anyone else we can share our experience with in order to start the ripple effect of change we all wish to see in the future.

To Isabelle’s family: I miss you guys and can’t wait to come back. I leaned so much on this trip and can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!!!! I am bring back some snacks I can’t wait to eat with you! I love you guys so much and I will see you guys tomorrow.

To Amy’s family: For my momma and my Uncle! I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow and tell you all about this amazing experience.