What a WONDERFUL first day in Ecuador! 

We have arrived safely in Ecuador and have experienced a full, fun day! We would like to first thank our Global Glimpse Coordinators for picking us up from the airport so late at night and taking us to our first accommodation: Hotel Ambassador. In the morning, we got up early, ate breakfast, and ventured to our final destination in Riobamba! It was a four-hour long bus ride, of which most of our travelers slept, but once we arrived, Hotel La Primavera was ready and waiting for us. It surely is a place that feels like home!

Our travelers have had a long journey, but it has been SO worth it. In the afternoon, we ate delicious food provided for us by Hotel Primavera, completed a Global Glimpse orientation, did some energizers with the group, and most importantly, learned some new dance moves from local indigenous cultures in traditional clothing! We had so much fun!

Some of the students’ highlights from the first day include: learning new dance moves, seeing dogs on the street, eating soup before every main meal, and the unity clap that we end sessions as a group with.

Tomorrow’s Leader of the Day is Naomi! So please make sure to look out for a blog post from her tomorrow evening.  Shoutout to Naomi for being our first Global Glimpse Leader of the Day on our trip!

Well it is off to bed for this group of tired, but adventurous travelers! We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings! Let the adventure begin!  ¡Que comience la aventura (let the adventure begin)!

BIG Love, 

Hannah Gradowski (Global Glimpse Leader)