Hello GG families, batter up for today’s full of emotional adventure we had today. We started off today waking up at 7:00 am, eager to eat an always delicious breakfast. On the menu this morning was a ham and cheese sandwich that was paired with strawberry juice, jugo de fresa. This great breakfast was followed by a discussion with Carlos Corcino, a community leader, talking about his history with his community, El Chorro. Corcino talked to us about the bad conditions and the effects these took on the community member’s daily life. When he was younger, he strived to make his home better by participating and vocalizing his voice to his peers and politicians. Corcino still continues to do so by working with Global Glimpse in order to create needed projects for El Chorro. While passing a previous Global Glimpse project in El Chorro, we saw kids from four years old to teenagers practicing the beloved sport of the Dominican Republic, baseball. Witnessing this, many of our fellow Global Glimpsers were anxious to play with them. After asking we quickly formed teams, The Americanos versus The Dominicanos. After a tiring, but the very fun game it finally ended in a tie, 6-6. Although we wanted to keep playing we said our goodbyes and we can’t wait for our next game. After the game, we took a bus ride to the hotel and had a seminar about C.A.P (Community Action Project). This introduced us to our next community, El Barrio de las Flores. Seeing the conditions of the las Flores was heartbreaking, and made us not only appreciate what we have back home but also eager to help. We meet some of the important residents of the community, and they all told us their main priority which was a steep and unsafe walkway to kids and elderly use. We will do our best to our ability to solve this problem that affects so many. Last but sweetly not least, we visited a Cafe that severed yummy desserts, drinks, and savory treats. Looks like we found a place to satisfy our sweet tooth. Thank you for checking in on GG families, and we miss you all very much!!