Fun Day: Beach DayBeach El Quemadito

After a couple of very intense days, we decided to relax by going to the beach (Beach El Quemadito). The wake up call was at 7 in the morning, with our day starting out with a breakfast of bread, ham, hard boiled eggs, and refreshing watermelon. We then took an hour and a half bus ride to get to Beach El Quemadito, which is near the sugar mills in Barahona (where we visited a few days earlier). The beach was one of the most breathtaking sights most of us had ever seen, with crystal clear blue water, and the amazing weather that came with it truly made the perfect day. Unlike typical beaches, the sand was replaced with rocks, meaning that most of us burned our feet walking along the beach. After spending a good hour in the water, most people were ready to eat. Our lunch consisted of rice and beans, mixed vegetables, and chicken with gravy. Lucia and Gloria provided us with watermelon and mangos on the side. Most people realized that being on this beach was a once in a lifetime experience, so we decided to stay a little longer and cut back on our free time we  A few people went back in the water to enjoy the little time we had left.


The night before, a meeting was called where everyone had to share some unsaid feelings. Although many were hesitant, we all eventually came to a point where everything needed to be said was said. To enforce this, we played a game at the beach where we bonded, and learned things about each other that made us get closer. In our experience, it was powerful to know how much everyone really had in common, even though most things aren’t easily shareable.


 After coming back on a long ride back, everyone had a refreshing nap. We had some time for everyone to shower and relax before we prepped for English class. Like other days, after prepping for English class we went to go teach our students for two hours. At 8, we went out to dinner and had a meal of chicken and rice. After being full, we walked back to our hotel and had our nightly meeting, where we reflected back on our day, welcomed our new leader, and prepared for our new adventure.
Self-reflection (Stephanie): Overall, looking back has made me realize how difficult it was to be a student leader. Other days are usually planned for us, but today we were on our own when managing other students. It’s sometimes frustrating to try to get nineteen teenagers to try to listen, but we managed to do it in the end. Being a leader has made me realize how rewarding it is to lead by example, and how hard work in the end always has greater rewards. The way we handled every situation could use improvement, but everything eventually worked out fine. It was a great experience, from sharing our talents to waking people up in the morning.
Self-reflection (Irene): Being leader of the day just really means you keep your fellow Glimpsers in check. But since we’re all leaders I’d have to say we’re pretty good at not screwing up or screwing around. We’re able to have fun, but at the same time if I ask of a favor or the group to do something they all do it; and that’s the thing about this trip, we’re all leaders and we’re all always willing to do, execute, and to listen.