Become an International Program Coordinator!

Program Coordinator Global Glimpse
Ask yourself these 5 questions:


  • Do you believe that travel is one of the most powerful forms of education and should be accessible to students from all backgrounds? 
  • Do you have the skills and passion to design and deliver transformative leadership and learning experiences in Latin America or the Caribbean for diverse groups of US high school students?
  • Have you ever dreamed of living, or do you currently live, in Ecuador, Panama or the Dominican Republic?
  • Can you speak Spanish AND English like a pro?
  • Are you ready for one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you’ll likely ever have?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then we invite you to explore the exciting opportunity to become a Global Glimpse International Program Coordinator… 

“I became a Program Coordinator to inspire a new generation of leaders and ended up being the one inspired by my students’ vision, creativity, and willingness to make a difference in this world.” – Emily Stuyvers, Ecuador, 2019

What is an International Program Coordinator?

Our Program Coordinators (PCs) are dynamic experiential educators and logistics experts who have the unique opportunity to spend 6-months (March-August) living and working in off the beaten path locations in Latin America or the Caribbean. PCs engage directly with multiple student groups throughout the summer, meeting high school students and educators from all over the United States, as well as fellow PCs and community partners from around the world. Through in-depth training and certification, PCs are empowered to design and lead multiple 16-day itineraries that build students’ empathy, agency, and a global perspective through authentic immersion in the beauty and challenges of life in developing countries.

In addition to facilitating the program experience, our PCs are cultural translators, mentors, risk managers, first responders, and discussion facilitators.  As a PC you will have the rare opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on young people’s lives, while also finding yourself transformed along the way.

Where you could live & work:


Chitre  |  Las Tablas


Riobamba  |  Guaranda

Dominican Republic

Bonao  |  San Juan de la Maguana  |  Constanza  |  Jarabacoa

Our Program Coordinators come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds but all share common characteristics that enable them to effectively lead safe, meaningful, inspirational and fun learning experiences for students from diverse backgrounds.

Program Coordinator Global Glimpse

We Hire People Who:

  • Love creating teachable moments through real-life experiences
  • See the potential in every young person
  • Love listening to the stories of strangers
  • Are highly culturally competent & appreciate diversity
  • Have been told they are great listeners and ask thoughtful questions
  • Are naturally curious and always eager to understand “why”
  • Are not discouraged by challenges
  • Are tough and enjoy working hard
  • Are care-takers and anticipate what people will need
  • Are risk-averse and consistently evaluate experiences through a “safety-first” lens
  • Can get along with anybody, especially people who are different than them
  • Have a positive outlook on life and see the glass as half-full
  • Are eager to grow and can offer and receive feedback graciously
  • Are poised, articulate and professional
  • Can think on their feet
  • Take pride in a job well done



Through three weeks of formal training and additional coaching from our in-country leadership teams and expert partners, Program Coordinators build skills and experiences that benefit their careers and prepare them to take leadership roles in the private and nonprofit sectors, international development and education, including future roles at Global Glimpse.

Training & Certifications:

  • AHA First Aid & CPR
  • Mental Health & Emotional First-Aid
  • Language Translation & Interpretation
  • Group Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Budget Management
  • Itinerary Design
  • Risk Assessment & Response
  • Community Engagement & Relationship Management
  • Service-Learning Project Management
  • English Tutoring Class Management
  • Team Building Best Practices
  • Google Suite Applications


Our people are everything and we seek to provide comprehensive support during your six-month position with us. In addition to forming meaningful friendships and connections, immersing in a local country, perfecting your English/Spanish, and three weeks of intensive training, we provide competitive monthly pay to cover living expenses and a benefits package.

Compensation & Benefits Include:

  • Competitive monthly payment to cover living expenses
  • Pay increases during the summer months when leading delegations
  • Roundtrip airfare (up to $800) to your country of employment with the flexibility to accommodate personal travel plans before or after employment dates
  • Meals, work-related transport, and activities are paid for while leading student delegations
  • AHA First Aid & CPR certification paid for 
  • Medical and travel insurance provided by University Health Plans during the period of employment, applies to all Program Coordinators working outside their home country
  • Global Glimpse cell phone provided
  • Global Glimpse Polo Shirt, t-shirt, water bottle, and GG Gear
  • Paid time off according to local laws
  • Local Coordinators will receive health insurance and labor benefits according to local laws (details provided upon inquiry)
  • Accommodation, transportation, meals, and expenses for end of season retreat


PC Impact Stats

Based on the average survey response over the last five years of 150 Program Coordinators:



PCs gained knowledge, skills or experiences from GG that will make them more effective in future leadership positions.


PCs joined Global Glimpse because they believed in our mission to empower the next generation to become responsible global citizens.


PCs rated their experience as “very good” or “excellent.”

Program Coordinator Timeline

March 1-10

Orientation & Training In-Country

Arrive in-country, meet your team and participate in a dynamic week-long Global Glimpse orientation and training. Travel to your site and get settled.

March 11-31

Get to Know Local Partners

Network in local communities, set-up field trips, speakers and educational activities. Partner with local organizations to establish community-oriented projects and service-learning activities.

April 1-31

Design Comprehensive 16-Day Itineraries

Participate in a program logistics training and develop a detailed itinerary for student groups based on educational themes. Manage site budget and document all program logistics.

May 1-10

Safety & Group Facilitation Training

Reconnect with your PC team and participate in a health and safety training, First-Aid & CPR certification, and review student application and health forms.

May 10 – June 1

Finalize Details

Finalize all details, practice seminar facilitation, prep materials, and ensure food allergy accommodations are included in all meals.

June – August 15

Lead Inspiring Programs

Lead three or four 16-day itineraries. Enjoy 3-5 days off between delegations to rest and prepare for your next delegation.

August 15 – 30

Close Out the Summer

Close out your site with evaluations of service projects, rectify all financials, thank partners and organize the end of season materials.

August 25 – 27

Retreat & Reflection

Reconnect with your full PC team and reflect, celebrate and relax at the closing retreat.

September – Onwards

Remain Connected!

Stay in touch with Global Glimpse. Consider how you will remain involved with the lasting networks you have built locally. Apply for a full-time role at GG or serve as a brand ambassador!

PC Testimonials

“It’s hard to pick just one or two reasons why I applied to be a PC. First off, I believe in Global Glimpse’s mission to empower youth and I wanted the opportunity to live abroad. As a Program Coordinator, I grew immensely both professionally and personally — I built strong relationships in my local community and developed a better understanding of the world. This was the best job to combine my desires and passions so it was a win-win all around!”

“After six months in the DR with Global Glimpse, my belief is that every one of us is a true leader and a change maker. Being a Program Coordinator taught me that I have passion and valuable skills to share with the world. It wasn’t long before I was kickstarting local governments into action and conferencing with community officials. The Global Glimpse experience taught me to love authentically, care selflessly, and live with no regret.”

“I grew as a leader and co-worker during my experience as a PC. I was able to use and develop skills I never even knew I had. Working alongside students from all backgrounds and witnessing their transformation and deeper understanding of the world was the most rewarding part of the job!”

“My perception of the world has changed in a positive way. After being a PC, I realized that I am much stronger than I thought and am capable of leading groups through difficult situations. I learned that I can serve as a role model for young leaders and that by sharing our life experiences and knowledge with one another, we can become more responsible global citizens.” 

Student Praise for PCs

“My PCs were AMAZING! They were truly a blessing, and I am so glad I got to meet them on this trip. They were great mentors and leaders. They were smart, interesting and always made my day better with their smiles, positive outlook, and willingness to help out. Both of my PCs are really good listeners, they advocated for me, and I felt like they both wanted me to have the best experience possible. They made a really good team. Please hire them again. They are great!”

“I think that our group got the best PCs by far! They were amazing and made this trip 1,000,000 times better. I was really able to develop trust with them and they made everyday so much more enjoyable than it already was.”

“My PC was the best leader I could ask for. She was so caring and helpful with everything. I felt like I could go to her for anything. She made this trip amazing!”

“My PCs did a great job at being a friend, as well as being a leader. They balanced discipline and authority with trust. I felt safe and comfortable with them.”

“My PCs were incredible and made the trip even more special by opening their hearts to us and making sure we got the best out of our experience. They built strong connections with our delegation, they were amazing role models, and inspired us to make the world a better place and pursue our passions despite our circumstances.”