Hey guys back at home, It’s Margaret and Kassandra here as another pair of Liders del Dia (Leaders of the Day).  Today our delegation was able to visit “Punta de Plancha” which is a small community in Leon of eight houses consisting of families ranging from three to ten members in each household. We got to experience how they do laundry, wash dishes, what they do for free time and much more. That’s A LOT of things! Many of our non-Spanish speakers escaped their comfort zone by communicating with the locals. We then ate lunch with our families and had the chance to have more conversations with them. Our Glimpsers showed much compassion to the neighborhood by playing soccer with them, playing with their toy cars and fixing their bikes. After creating such an awesome bond with our families, it was hard to say goodbye. Unfortunately, the community leader Dominga de los Angeles Quinteros Mayorga has some health issues, so we decided to help her out with a ride to the local clinic and money donations, hoping she feels better soon.

The ride back to the hostel was filled with the different stories being told about each glimpsers’ family. One group even helped their family make tortillas. We arrived back to hostel around 1 pm, and prepared for our program seminar where we created an action plan for our CAP project. In the meantime, we were able to pick up our laundry. Everyone was really happy! After the seminar, we had a bit of extra free time to prep for our English tutoring. We then went to dinner where we discussed the final decisions on our plan for English tutoring. And for the FIRST time the leaders of the day led the group to the English tutoring building and it was such a success. We tutored our groups that had at least twenty students each and faced challenges to communicate with them but then eventually over passed that great challenge. The students were very open minded and enjoyed learning English. There was one person in particular who is learning English to communicate with tourists like us because he is a taxi driver, so it was really amazing to see what their purposes were to learn English.

As leaders of the day we learned to balance authority and enhance our voices. Being a pair of female leaders we found strategies be directive without being too pushy. Our group was actually very attentive and respectful when we gave certain demands as to what to do through out the day, they really helped out a lot through out this long, stressful, hectic day.