We made it! After a long flight to Newark, NJ, we finally found time to sit down together as a group. (Sorry there is no evidence of CJ on the plane; he got stuck in a seat by himself up front.)  We played a name game, shared travel experiences, talked about being a responsible traveler, and got comfortable with bodily functions by shouting out “POOP!”, “diarrhea”, and “constipation.” We hope no one experiences these lovely travel symptoms, but if someone does, he/she now knows it’s perfectly NORMAL.

The second half of our journey ended with a bumpy landing in Santiago, DR. Nonetheless, here we are! Our Program Coordinators, Medical Fellow, and Program Manager met us at the airport to bring us to our accommodations. We found our roommates, participated in our first seminar, feasted on a traditional Dominican dinner, and enjoyed the weather during our outside nightly meeting. We’re all exhausted and it’s time for bed, so we’ll post more tomorrow. 🙂

Sending our love from Jarabacoa!