¡Hola Glimpsers, GG Leaders and Parents!

We are Indira Gonzalez (Site Manager) and Debbie Medina (Program Coordinator) and we are extremely excited for your arrival to Jinotega! As June 28th quickly approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about Jinotega and some of the few things we have planned out.


Indira and Debbie welcoming our first delegation as they will do with you!

You will all get to experience the beauty of Jinotega during your stay here as we will be engaging in many activities and traveling around. The hotel you will all be staying at is in the center of the city, near central park and the Cathedral.The beautiful city of Jinotega is also known as “La Ciudad de Las Brumas”, it is in the northern region of Nicaragua and it is surrounded by glorious mountains. During the daytime it is warm but at night it gets quite chilly so bring some light sweaters!

We have dedicated the entirety of your itinerary towards engaging with Nicaragua’s history, culture, and society. This will be done through discussions on politics, aid & development and education but not limited to field trips to farms, dance studios, and hikes!

During your stay here you will see personal growth and create bonds with people that will last a lifetime. We are very happy to be able to join you all on this journey and cannot wait to start exploring with you all!

And so we leave you all with this quote by Mark Twain to ponder on and to encourage you to come with an open mind: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

We wish you all safe travels and we are marking down the days until June 7th!


Indira & Debbie

cruz la peña

The view of Jinotega from up top in La Peña de la Cruz!