Hello Glimpsers, Leaders, and Parents!

This is Kirsten and Brayan from Leon and we are SO excited for your arrival this summer! We have been hard at work preparing your schedule and we know you will enjoy BEAUTIFUL and WARM Leon!

Two children performing a traditional Nicaraguan dance at Proyecto Barrilete, where we will do our CAP project.

Leon is a fascinating city with a beautiful historical center and colonial buildings. It boasts the largest cathedral in Central America and an impressive variety of restaurants, museums, and churches. Leon is also surrounded by various volcanoes and is just a short 30 minutes from the beach. We feel lucky to be living here and we hope you fall in love with the city too!

We know you have all worked hard to be part of Global Glimpse and we’d like to congratulate you for your hard work!

This is us, Kirsten and Brayan! We are excited to meet you!

During your time in Leon you will learn a ton about the city, the people, and the culture, but most of all you will learn about yourself. We hope you take this trip as an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experience new things with an open mind. We hope you feel inspired and we’re sure you will inspire others as well!

So, welcome to the Global Glimpse family and see you on Saturday!


Brayan and Kirsten

PS. Feel free to email us with any questions: [email protected]