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Buenos días nuestros queridos Global Glimpsers!

We hope all of your trip preparations (including classes) are well underway and you’re ready to explore Nicaragua. We are beyond exited to have you discover Matagalpa with us this summer. This city has more to offer than just beautiful weather and a mountainous scenery. It has a rich history, a calming ambiance, and affluent agricultural surroundings.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like for you to get to know us a bit more:


Denis Vallejos

My name is Denis Ramon Vallejos Garcia, born and raised in the beautiful city of Matagalpa. I want to specially welcome all of you to this journey where you will be discovering amazing places, meeting inspiring people, and creating long lasting relationship with locals from Matagalpa.

Well, I am a 26 years old Nicaragua who enjoys meeting people from another cultures, I love outdoor activities and play sports. I studied economics in my hometown Matagalpa. This will be my fourth year collaborating with Global Glimpse, but my second year in my hometown. I am very excited to share its history, culture, and places with all of you. Since I was in college I believe that leaders are not born they are made for this reason I think this will be a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and step out of your comfort zone to grow as leaders.

I cannot wait to meet all of you and start this journey together.


Janice Flores Reyes

Hello, for you to get to know me a little better, here is a quick background:

I studied International Business and Trade at Saint Peter’s University and graduated in 2013. Before deciding to change my career path, I worked in business development, finance, and marketing in the states.

My first international experience was at 5 years old when my family moved to the United States of America. Afterwards I continued traveling back and forth to Mexico, where I would spend many summers. I spent most of last year in El Salvador as a Peace Corps Volunteer. When my service ended I continued to look for opportunities to work in Central America inspiring others. When I stumbled upon Global Glimpse I knew it was the right opportunity to truly encourage our next working-generation to find a purpose in what they pursue.

La ciudad de Matagalpa



Our enthusiasm can easily be expressed in the activities we have sketched for you. Our favorite days include “Living Like a Local,” “CAP Project,” and “Free Days” (of course).

Living Like a Local:

You guys will be prepared to join a local family for the day. But, what will you do? LIVE LIKE A LOCAL – meaning you will shadow the family as they perform chores, accomplish personal tasks, and simply run their household. It’s a true (first-hand) experience and understanding of the Nicaraguan family structure, relationship, and values.

CAP Project:

This project allows every single one of you to leave a lasting impression on the people you will meet. Together we will execute one project of choice. The purpose is to offer a local entity the resources they need to continue providing the community sustainable services.

Free Days:

Our agenda is packed! Thus free days will come in handy for more than just relaxing. They will give you the chance to truly unwind and process your experience. Personal tasks can also be taken care of on these days – like reaching out to friends and family online or over the phone. We’re sure that you’ll also appreciate the opportunity to truly absorb Matagalpa like a local at your own pace.


We are here to have an amazing time together and nothing short of an adventure.

Just don’t forget…

  • Mosquito Spray: mosquitos down here can be big and super-duper annoying
  • Your allergy medication: seasons are changing and the wind is picking up
  • Sunscreen: although rainy season is coming up, the sun is strong throughout the morning and mid-day
  • Rain gear: thin rain coat/poncho or umbrella because when it rains, it pours.
  • Open-mind: some things may not be so shocking, others will be. Just remember to be flexible and understanding.
  • LOTS of ENERGY!!! get to to have consecutive fun

Feel free to write a little bit about yourselves on this blog. We would love to get to know you mas pronto (sooner).




Denis & Janice

Matagalpa 2






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