Hola Glimpsers!

Welcome to the last week(ish) of your life before Nicaragua! Woo! I’m sure you are all busy with school ending and fun things like that, but I wanted to introduce you to the sweet trip blog you all will be contributing to during our 18 days in beautiful Leon, Nicaragua.

For any of you reading this who might not know me, my name is Sarah Povey, and I will be co-leading the June 6th Global Glimpse delegation to Leon this year! I’m 23-years-old, a graduated English major from Cal Poly, and a lover of learning. Outside of the United States, I consider myself privileged to have gone to Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, and Mexico, and I am beyond excited to now be on my way to Nicaragua!


Me drinking coffee in Bosnia with friends!

My partner-in-crime is Hadi Kaddoura, and I hope you’re excited because we have the coolest cats (that means you, Glimpsers!) coming along with us from schools all around the Bay! How cool is that?! It’s cooler than cool.

Anyway, I want to welcome all of you on this wonderful adventure we are about to embark on together, and I look forward to learning and growing with you all. We are going to explore, adventure, and discover so much! I know you are all probably excited and a little nervous too, and that’s just fine! I’m nervous and excited as well, and that’s just a part of travelling and broadening your worldview. We’re going to be out of our comfort zones and navigating a new part of the world, so it’s totally normal to feel that strange concoction of nervousness and excitement.

That said, check out where we’re going! Leon, Nicaragua, is an amazing place–home to eight volcanoes! Eight! It has a rich and diverse history and culture, which we will learn lots about, and I know that, in no time at all, Leon will make its mark on all of our hearts. 🙂

Only eight more days to go!! Pack your bags, ladies and gents–we’re Nicaragua-bound!

Con amor,