What a day today’s day was, indeed!

Today everybody was politely but confidently awoken by the sound of a respectful knock at their door. Breakfast was amazing as always and nutritious as normal; it really gave our bodies what we needed to encounter step 2 of the day: the hike. Now some might describe this hike as agonizing, dreadful, and intimidating. Then you have people like me who would describe the hike as “Calf Traumatizing.” Katrice & Arion were split up into 2 teams to perform a divide-and-conquer scheme. Katrice stayed at the base house and applied positivity to everyone and made sure everyone was feeling okay and uplifted. Katrice made bracelets with some of her peers and kept more than the vibe cool with some relaxing pool time, while on the other hand, there was Arion trying his absolute hardest to not pass out at the back of the line on the hike but still giving endless efforts of sip check warnings (Mainly for himself).

A thing that we and our peers learned today was how loved they actually are due to our final BIG LOVE. In our final BIG LOVE, every single participant received a full page of heartfelt sentences and or compliments that made everyone feel more loved and appreciated than they thought they actually were.

Something that surprised us today was how well both of us worked with each other when it came to being LDDs (Leaders of the Day). Even though it was a temporary task, it will always be looked back on and remembered as a time we both felt accomplished for really good teamwork! The compliments and the wishes that had come from everyone really helped out a lot when it came to both boosting our confidence and improving for another time similar to come.

We are most proud of all of our peers, regardless of their decision on whether or not to participate in today’s optional hike. We really appreciate the ones who truly pushed themselves to go on a hike and get their bodies active one last time instead of calling it quits because they knew it wasn’t mandatory. Also, thanks to our peers who stayed at the base house and chose a creative outlet instead of laying in their beds. The bracelets that were made today looked like they truly came from individuals with outgoing hearts and amazing personalities!

Something that we learned about ourselves today is that even as leaders we can end up in a pit where we appear to be distracted and sometimes forgetful. The next time anything similar to this ever comes around (Hopefully it will) we will both perform and execute our acts with precision and we will be more aware of how specific mistakes could be avoided.

We really enjoyed being Líder Del Día, it was definitely a step out of our comfort zones and we were expecting today to be warm and sunny with an additional rainbow but instead, it was chilly, dark, and foggy with a little bit of rain and there you had us… A bit nervous because we felt unprepared for a decent amount of things but, on top of all of that vanilla doubt there was a decent scoop of chocolate confidence and a savory cherry of determination.

With Big Loves, Confidence, Determination, and Icecream,
Katrice and Arion