Today was bitter sweet because it is our last full day. Alazah started off as leader by waking two groups up a little early at 6:30, on accident. The first group didn’t even budge and the second group was already early birds aha. After 30 min going by, I wake up every one up with a soft knock. Breakfast was served at 8. On the menu was cheese quesadilla, refried beans, slice of avocado, and passion fruit juice. It was exciting for the group to have the beans served a different way this morning,all plates were cleaned. We did our first energizer in the first two weeks, which was a game called watermelon. The group sat in a circle, using your mouth you make the sound of eating a watermelon, using your hands you direct the direction you want to go, you may skip a person if you want. The object of the game is to get the group to play quickly so you can confuse your fellow players, to win.

 An hour after breakfast we all got together for our last seminar to reflect and reminisce on all our adventures and how we’ve grown as people in just two weeks. We closed our eyes and thought of our hardest challenges and how we overcame them, and how this trip benefited us. We each made a trip map, from start to finish of our five most memorable events and what it taught us, the people who has motivated us most and what we’ve learned about leadership. We finished off our seminar with doing a “big love” activity.  Each person in the group wrote their names on a piece of paper, then passed them in a circle where people reflected anonymously on people’s positive traits and what they’d miss about one another. Ending in a similar big love activity, our peers then openly shared out and acknowledged each other’s attributes.  Everyone was emotional with compliments and anecdotes of how this trip has taught and made them stronger. The group had a brief lunch of kabobs, salad, rice, and mini,crunchy, plantains,shaped in mini waffles. Our fellow peers then had free time where we go in to groups of four or more to explore.

 Hey this is Alazah and in my free time today, I went into a group of five with Jose, Josue, Lucy, Alejandra, and Hector. We walked over to Chefellas for Pizza. The girls and I got a medium pizza of meat lover with bacon, ham,  and sausage, the other half was combination with meats and veggies. Alejandra and I tried their frozen lemonade. The boys got BBQ chicken, which I of course took a slice of. Next, me and the girls went to souvenir shops and the local thrift shop, where we finished off our souvenir gifts for family and friends. An hour later we took a walk to the call center to call family and friends. Having to be back at the hostel at 4:45, to be in time for dinner, we all walked and stopped at a near cafe’ called El Gran Cafe’ a few steps from the hostel for frappes and smoothies. Enjoying our drinks we realize we have 2 minutes to be back at the hostel, we run up the steep hill like track stars. After, our lovely dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, by our wonderful cook, and now close friend Francis. I close the evening off with our traditional nightly meeting going over the summary of the day, thorn and roses, and many more. Closing off I pass the torch (a gold mug) to one of my good friends Britt.

This is Brit, with my free time activities! I left in a group of six with Teo, Jesse, Rylan, Ashley and Tiffany. We started at the supermarket to stock up on our flight snacks and to exchange money. We then walked a few blocks over to the best Bakery in town, Yum, Yum! Jesse and I grabbed two homemade cinnamon rolls, as the others got goodies like dark chocolate cake for Teo and Donuts for Ashley. Then we finished up the very last of our souvenir shopping. Me grabbing a colorful blanket I had been eyeing and Jesse grabbing another key chain for her collection. I had a leadership meeting at 1:00 and did the second half of the Nightly Meeting tonight. My talent was singing the goodbye song from Blues Clues, my brother’s and my favorite show.

Tomorrow I’ll be waking my posse at seven in the morning so they’ll be ready for our last breakfast here, at the hostel at eight. We’ll have free time 9:20-11:45 allowing the kids to stock up on the very last of what they need, before we take our three hour road trip to the airport. Everyone is so excited to see their families again, to share their experiences and gifts with you all!

Can’t wait to see you mom! Your’e gonna love your gift!-Brit

Dad and mom I’ve been so thoughtful for these gifts for you and my siblings,dad your crybaby self going to cry so much when you see everything. Make spaghetti, stuffed bell peeper, and fried chicken 😉 love ya -tootie