And with this we say goodbye. It is time for you to go back home, but always remember you have a home in CR too.

We really hope you had an amazing experience here and that this trip fulfilled your expectations. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and sharing with all of you this two weeks, you were the most beautiful group ever and we will miss you very much. Apply all of what you learned into your lives. Do good and be good.

Have a safe trip back home.

Anabell: You have such a beautiful energy and smile every day anyone would be lucky to spend time with you.

Abby: You are such an angel, with the sweetest personality, and always engaged, we really appreciate it.

Abby 2.0: Loved sharing with you! Hope you play rummy when you get back home and be as good as your Spanish is.

Angela: You SHINE with your beautiful personality, you make everyone feel safe around you.

Asher: Thank you so much for always being super engaged, we really loved spending time with you specially playing mafia (always sus).

Alex: You are super kind with a bright future ahead of you. Thank you for showing such interest and spending time with us.

Borese: You were an absolute blast to be around, you always had a smile and all the good energy no matter what.

Bryhanna: You are so sweet, let that uniqueness of yours shine through.

Ellie: Hearing you giggle will always make everyone’s day better. You are so full of goodness, don’t let anyone take that away from you. 

Isaiah: Thank you for all the good talks, for sharing with us and for being the amazing person that you are.

Jade: Your laugh is so contagious, keep being true to yourself.

Jailine: You are amazing, with strong values, you’ll go very far in life.

Ocean: The genius, you are so authentic and kind. We will miss your soothing voice.

Quinn: Always with a smile and true interest in us and the program. We loved how you were able to bond with everyone with your laughter.

Qua’Nae: You have the most out of pocket comments which made everyone laugh, it is truly wonderful being around you.

Rama: You were always willing to share with everyone and you were someone we can count on.

Sheny: You were so easy to talk to and will always love having a conversation with you. Also thank you for always sharing a laugh at our jokes.

Summer: You are like summer, you have such a warm and welcoming personality, your engagement during this trip was as amazing as you are.

Sophie: You are absolutely wonderful, we hope you really pursue your calling and do great things. You got this.

Sam: You are so funny and such a character, we love the fact that you knew every single song. We really appreciate you spoke as much Spanish as you could.

Wunnyuriti: You are so appreciated by everyone in the group, you have such an incredible personality that overflows with positivity. Keep that sass up.

With love,

Fabi and Memo.