The leaders of the day were Jessica Ambrose, Briseida Ayala and Jocelyn Romero. Today we met with Esteban Polanco, one of the founders of the Federation of Farmers, at the Federation. He shared his story and why he started this organization. He told us that through hard work, hope, and perseverance he was able to peacefully get the government to meet with him and his followers. In order to achieve this goal, they protested for 17 days sitting in the middle of the road to access the mountain to block it to have the rights to their land.

The Federation of Farmers run a coffee plantation, offer schooling to the community, and housing with electricity to visitors, but their main goal is to sustain their rural way of life in their beautiful mountains. They also educate the youth about their history and the environment. Today they accomplished that by inspiring and motivating the Glimpsers to unite and discuss possible CAP (Community Action Project) – these are the community service projects that we are going to complete in the federation next week.

Later in the day, we had two hours of free time in which some played cards with each other, others played a match of volleyball with some of the ambassadors, and spent time in the playground with the kids. After dinner, we had a seminar about what to expect tomorrow when we will be living like locals.