Hola Glimpsers!

This is Miguel and Leury your Program Coordinators here in Bonao, Dominican Republic. We want to be the first to give you a CALUROSO (warm) welcome to our amazing city and tell you a bit about what’s in store for you guys and gals during your trip to “Quisqueya La Bella” Dominican Republic. Ummmmm… Nah, I think we will keep it to ourselves. J/K…

Here we go. We have been working diligently to gather the best of the best. From where you will be staying to the food you will be eating and the places you will be visiting. We will have days filled with back to back activities, opportunities to meet, learn and embody all the beautiful sights, sounds, smells and awesome people of this captivating island. You will indulge in Culture like never before when you meet Piro (Carnaval Master) and his group of dancers. You will learn the rich cultural influences Merengue, Bachata and Salsa have on the people of Dominican Republic. You will test your dance skills with Cristopher and his dance team and taste the luscious “sazon” (seasoning) of our Chef Licelot. Yummy….

Throughout your 15 days in country, we will challenge you to open your mind, explore new feelings, express your thoughts, and meet new people. We will share great laughs, meaningful tears, lasting memories, and deep learning with each other. You have a great team of leaders who are eager and ready to work with your group to help to learn about Bonao, the Dominican Republic, its history, culture, and progress as it continues to develop and address issues of access, equality, and growth in our globalized world. Come prepared for a life altering experience, where you will have an opportunity to view life through the eyes of others. Most importantly come with an open mind, room for flexibility and ready to have fun!

See you at the Airport in Santiago….

Miguel and Leury

PS. Check your email for additional information and reminders.