To the parents of our glimpsers:

I wanted to write a quick bonus post to let you know that your kids are some truly incredible human beings.

As we reflect at the halfway point of the trip, it’s quite remarkable to consider all that we have seen and experienced. Begining to tackle issues like the cycle of poverty, poor education systems and aid and development in a completely different context is no small task. And over the past seven days we have watched them learn and grow as they begin to process and deconstruct these huge and difficult and very complex issues.

It’s been overwhelming for us leaders to see how supportive, empathetic and patient your children are.  We comment to each other often about the growth we see in the students and how truly special they all are. They are kind to each other and respectful in different cultural situations.  They are looking out for each other and learning from one another while staying present.  They are trying new foods and practicing their Spanish and taking their work here seriously. They are getting way out of their comfort zones with guts and grace and although I’ve known them for such a short amount of time, I feel so proud of them everyday.

Good job parents… you’ve raised some brilliant brilliant young people.