Hi! My name is Brandon Brown and I am currently a student of Kenwood Academy High School. Coming on this trip really means a lot to me, especially being a young African American coming from Chicago. Growing up, I have faced numerous negative stereotypes and challenges; but as I continue to grow as a scholar, I continue to break all stereotypes and help my peers as well. When I grow up, I wish to become a doctor that will have the ability to travel to developing countries and be able to offer my help and support and be able to save lives. I want to offer my help and support people who need it most. The best way to gain this great experience is by being a part of Global Glimpse. I know that it is extremely important to be able to interact with people that come from different places. It’s important to know the world around you and how can you make a positive change being in it. Through Global Glimpse, I saw the importance of having an education, love for others and the community and becoming a strong community leader. Being a part of this trip really gave me a chance to see how much potential I have and how much of a strong impact I can have not only in my community, but in the world around me as well. I challenge others to get out their comfort zone, to travel the world around you, get to actually know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and find a way to have a strong positive impact on the world.

When I got the chance to teach others from the Dominican Republic how to speak  English, it touched my heart to see how much they wanted to learn. If we continue to spread our knowledge to everyone around the world, we will have a strong impact. Today was Global Business Day and we learned about the huge businesses in the DR that are global. For example, we went to a mining business that was connected with different types of countries all over the world. Everything was nice, however there was one sad part. None of the resources they mined stayed with the people of the DR, but went everywhere else across the world. This shows the mistreatment and you see how the people of the DR are overlooked. When you hear of this, it motivates you to take action and to do something about it.

Lastly, we learned that you must put your needs before your wants. If we do this, we will help the whole world become successful. Those extra resources we use can go to those who need it more. So it is always important to keep that in mind. Being a part of Global Glimpse has helped me become a better leader, and I know that through courage, commitment, and compassion I can accomplish anything no matter the obstacle. Thank You.