Hello family and friends welcome to the E1A BLOG DAY 10!!!

Today was Global Business Day and a very tired one at that. Our morning began at 7:00 AM, many of our glimpsers were sad that it wasn’t at 8:30 (some of us were already awake though so it was fine 😎). We had a delicious breakfast that was an omelette and toast (a lot of people wanting extra pieces of the toast) which was delicious overall!!! Then we had an hour and 15 minutes of free time well spent on naps, games, catching up on some reading, and talking to our other delegation members. The morning went by great and then we finally went out for our field trip!!!

Mujeres Ambientalistas is an organization that makes recycled paper, notebooks, bookmarks, posters, and cards. All of their materials are from organic sources, no chemicals used in the process of making their product. One of our speakers from the organization explained the hardships of having a start-up business where there are many foreign enterprises in their country. She explained how in the beginning their site was just a dump, and when they started their business, people in their local neighborhood threw trash and dead animals on their site. As they continued with their business, more people came to accept what they were doing, but some people continued throwing trash onto their site. She hopes though that with time that more people will come to accept their business. After listening to our speaker, we separated into two groups; one to look at the site and buying some of their products, and the other to make paper, we switched when both groups finished.


After our amazing field trip we had a delicious lunch of arroz, ensalada, pollo, y PAPAS FRITAS 🍟🍟🍟!!! After lunch we got a head start on our English tutoring prep and began our pitch for our CAP project coming up soon. There were some obstacles for the mural group, one being the “recycle tree” in the middle of the wall we plan on painting, but I think we came up with a great back up plan. NO SPOILERS PARENTS, GONNA HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE CAP PROJECT!!! 😁😁😁 After presenting our ideas to the preschool and having the all clear we made our way back for the money exchange!!! Dinner was another delicious meal of taquitos (baby tacos) which everyone finished!!! We ended our day with, once more, English tutoring!!! Everyone had a great class, even though they started off small.

“Peace out from Estelí 1A, later”

Lider del Dia day 10,
Brianna signing off!!!