Aloh— whoops, I mean hola, blog readers! Thank you for tuning in for today’s blog, brought to you by Shayla and Vicky! Today was day one of our CAP, which is our ‘community action project’. It started off with waking up at 7:00am and enjoying a plate of gallo pinto(beans with rice) and scrambled eggs. This morning was slightly hotter, which led to a big working group full of sweaty kids. For our CAP project, we will be working at Sor Maria, a small community full of humble and bright individuals in Matagalpa. Our projects include a beautiful mural that mainly focuses on education and the community itself, and the fixing of the broken concrete outside their school that creates large puddles during rainy days. The painting group began the project by priming the wall, and the concrete team began the project by loosing up the dirt and creating a trench. The continuous amount of blood, sweat, and tears put into only the beginning of our project made the hour fly by. Check in for tomorrow’s blog for the part two of our CAP project!

After breakfast, the mural team went off to go buy paint, and the concrete team stayed back and focused on prepping for their English tutoring session. Once 12 hit, we had a lunch that consisted of delicious grilled chicken and rice. From then on, the whole team blasted off to Sor Maria busted out CAPs off through the development of multiple blisters and continuous streams of sweat. Going home was tiring, but it was filled with off-key singing to Sam Smith and plenty of laughter. Showers were the first thing people jumped into once we came back. Salad topped tostadas were served with the popular drink of iced tea. English prep and tutoring were followed after that. Unfortunately, some people were not able to participate due to illnesses and hurt joints, but the day was overall productive and efficient. No pictures were taken due to the fact that the GG Leaders went on a date.😝😚🍗 Thank you to everyone reading this and Goodnight, and don’t let the mosquitoes bite.