Hey Families,

I’m honored to leave the first trip blog for the C1D group and am also excited to share that the group has arrived safely in their beautiful host city of Constanza for the next couple of weeks. It has been a long travel day and a half for this group but they are settling into their accommodation, have had lunch, and will do a city tour to orient themselves later today.

I’m looking forward to following along on this group’s journey on the trip blogs (and making comments) with the rest of you.

Below are a couple of photos of the group during their lengthy travel day yesterday (the bottom at SFO in the morning and the top one at the hotel they stayed at in Santiago, DR very late at night).

It is impressive that so many of the students were able to muster big smiles after such a long travel day but from what I saw of this group at the airport, they are going to be a great, tight-knit delegation!