IMG_2696Hello people of the world, Gustavo and Pedro here checking in today to inform you all on the latest updates of our day here in the great city of Granada.

Today we were able to start day #1 of our cap project. As usual we started off our day by waking up and heading to La Favorita for breakfast. Coincidentally Elizabeth, a fellow glimpser,  foresaw pancakes in our future, and luckily she was right. YAY! After we enjoyed our much needed pancakes we returned to the hostel to prepare to head out to buy all the supplies required to bring happiness to the children of Bertha Gutiérrez Elementary School. As we traveled the cuts of Granada on a mission to find our supplies we eventually found a plug that was available to come thru.

IMG_2695With more than half of our needed supplies checked off our lists we all started to head back to La Favorita for a delicious plate that consisted of Fried Fish, Rice, Plantain Chips, and salsa. After our stomachs were full with Don Carlos’s fantastic cooking we decided to stop by a local flower shop to pick up some absolutely gorgeous looking bougainvillea flowers, in which we would later plant in front of the elementary school where we were doing our CAP project at (or so we thought). Once we arrived at Bertha Gutierrez Elementary we almost immediately started going to work, one by one each fellow glimpser more eager  than the next to plant their own flower.

IMG_2691I’ll admit it, it was pretty inspiring to see everybody so committed to putting in work, especially considering the fact that this was all done for a group of kids in which we had never met before. I believe that everybody today caught on to the true spirit of what it means to be apart the Global Glimpse program. Tears nearly came to my eyes by the inspiration I saw today from my fellow glimpsers, or maybe it was the drops of rain that started to fall on my cheeks, hard to tell. Yes, sad to say that our agenda was cut short today due to drastic whether conditions and we had to end or CAP project earlier than expected so that everyone could get themselves dry and well rested for the following day. Yet, even though the mighty rain starting pouring down with all its ferocious glory this did not stop some of our peers from finishing the job (special thanks to Jorge, Kevin, Andres and Elizabeth for showing the group how true determination is really done). After all our pouting and sobbing was finished due to the fact that we couldn’t get our group project done in time we decided that misery would only set us back and that the best way to take on this situation was to put on a positive attitude and realize that what ever can happen WILL HAPPEN and that tomorrow is a brand new day, filled with new aspirations, new horizons, and most importantly new friendships. I think we each found out something new about ourselves today and for that I am truly grateful to be apart of such a diverse group of extraordinary people.  After dinner we all headed back to our hostel to experience in what I thought was a slightly awkward nightly meeting, in which me and Pedro passed down the torch to Christina, our next Global Glimpse leader of the day. GOOD LUCK CHRISTINA! I hope your experience will be as much of an eye opener as it was mine.