(Jordan) Today we started off our day preparing for what we were going to do for our project at Barrilete. We came up with four different groups for what we wanted to do. Group one is going to be painting murals for the Barrilete living room as well as the classrooms. I am very excited to be a part of this group and I hope they will love the designs me and my group have planned out for them. Group 2 will be building shutters for windows so that the dust and rain will not prevent the students from going to class. Group 3 will be repairing tables and chairs and as well as other things that need fixing. Group 4 will be in charge of making the banners and flyers in order to get word out about the children’s performances, by doing this we are hoping that we can help raise an awareness of their performances so that they can raise money in order to provide enough for all of the kids. After coming up with our ideas we presented them to one of the providers of Barrilete who was very happy and thankful for our ideas. She gave us all hugs and kisses and went back to Barrilete to tell all the kids of our big plans for them. Today we also wrote appreciation letters thanking the ones who have provided all of us the opportunities to go on this trip with global glimpse.

Today was one of hardest days for a lot of the students today. We had sick, tired, and a few grumpy students. It has been a very long hard week and I think that everyone’s energy levels really started to go down, but towards the end of the day people really started to get excited and happy. At first we were moving on to cap 3 which was going out and getting supplies for the project when suddenly the rain began to fall and the streets became flooded with water. We all were laughing, and running for shelter. In my group we had 9 students, and we all trying to catch a taxi back to the hostel. After waiting and waiting a taxi finally pulled up and all 9 of us squeezed together all in one tiny taxi. It was crazy to see how high the water was, it was as if we were driving on a river. When we got back to the hostel others soon came from their taxi. I thought it was kind of funny how even though we started off the day not so good, the storm somehow brought our energy and excitement up. When we all were able to dry off and change we set off to dinner, which was also a little crazy. I ended up laughing so much I barfed all over the chair and the floor. I feel perfectly fine now just a really bad cough once again. My wish for the group is that all of our tired and sick friends will begin to feel better very soon. As of now everyone is cheerful and looking pretty healthy and I hope that continues for the rest of our time here. I also wanted to make a shout out to you Cole, I love you very much and happy 6 months to us 😀 <3

Note from Joel and Victoria and Judith and Anni:  Don’t worry everyone!  Although our group had a full and exciting week and many of our students are feeling tired and some sick, we are following all health protocols, and none of our health concerns are anything out of the ordinary for an international adventure! Please sleep soundly, after checking out the smiling faces below!