Hey guys, it’s Daniela! Today was day 2 of CAP, so we had to work extra hard on our multiple projects in order for them to be completed by the end of day 3, and I’m super happy to say that we got so much accomplished! As El Lider Del Dia, it was my job to keep everyone organized, focused, and energized, especially on such an important day. We started off our awesome day with a wake up call at 7:00 am by yours truly, though some people took a little bit longer to wake up than others…(*cough* *cough* boys). At 8:00 o’ clock we had some breakfast at Imabite, and for a change of pace, we all sat in groups based on how many siblings we have (shout out to my brother and sister- I represented you well). We then walked back to the hostel for a fun Energizer game that I led called “Sorry I’m Late” -your beloved Glimpsers can tell you about when they get home.

At 9:20, we boarded a private bus to Barrilete in order to continue on with the work we started yesterday:  the construction team worked on continuing to dig a trench for the water connection while the painting and design team applied a second coat to the two walls of the second grade classroom that we started painting yesterday and painted the other two walls in the classroom. We completed so much by the time lunch rolled around at 12, which was provided by Imabite, and we were even able to share some food with those from Barrilete who were helping

After lunch, both teams kept burning through the midday oil, though it was luckily a rare cool day in Nicaragua (but don’t worry, I did my best to make sure the Glimpsers stayed hydrated regardless). After sketching out our designs with chalk, the mural group set to painting adorable images on the walls, which featured geometric shapes, vowels, and numbers to help the kids learn. The construction team installed the pipe for the water system, and were even able to successfully test it. By the time we left at 4:00, the painting team just had some finishing touches left to do, while the construction team was able to completely fill in the trench the water pipe laid in with cement (which they mixed themselves!). It felt amazing to do so much for such an amazing and giving group of people, who cared so deeply about this organization they are apart of, which is so impactful and has the ability to unite so many. Even our amazing bus driver for the day, Carlos, came out and taught the construction team how to mix and spread cement! After leaving from yet another inspiring visit to Barrilete, we came back to the hostel for some quick showers, since you can imagine that it was not easy keeping our gorgeous selves clean after working so hard.

At 5:00 we had dinner at Imabite, and were happily surprised to find the other Global Glimpse delegation in Leon having their last dinner before going back home! It was great to exchange some quick anecdotes about our respective trips and how they differ (never fear- we’re TOTALLY having way more fun). For dinner we sat in our English Tutoring groups, in order to make sure that we were prepared to meet with our students later in the evening, especially since we would be announcing that we were going to have a graduation ceremony/talent show for all of our respective levels on Monday! I know for a fact that my fellow Glimpsers and I can’t wait to see our students get honored for all the work they put into class every day.

After English tutoring, we had our Nightly Meeting, in which I “passed the torch” to Athena, who is going to be El Lider Del Dia tomorrow, for our final day of CAP! I can’t wait to see our finished products, and I truly hope that we have created sustainable projects that will benefit Barrilete to their fullest capacity.

Before I sign off, I would just like to say thank you guys for commenting on these blogs- I know it means a lot to all of us to hear from you guys every night when we read the comments, and I hope you guys continue to do so as we get closer and closer to the final days of our trip. I hope you are all doing well, and are rest assured that all of your Glimpsers are great, and can’t wait to see you soon. Thanks for reading!