Today was another day of extensive work. It was CAP day 2 and we were back to Vida Para Niños for more work with a 7 A.M wake up. Today we completed our community action project which was a huge accomplishment for us. Not only did we finish our community action project but we also had our graduation ceremony after teaching English classes led by us Global Glimpsers. To have two huge accomplishments in one day and for both of them to end up being spectacular was really rewarding.

For our community action project we painted seven murals, installed sand beneath the swing set, gardened and planted new colorful flowers, and added benches. Everything turned out beautiful and we were extremely proud. We returned back to Dilenias for our CAP reflection and when we were done with that we started to get ready for Graduation. Getting ready was difficult for some of us being that there was no water and we were all covered in paint and dirt and sweat after a long day of hard work.

For our graduation ceremony, each class performed an act that they put a lot of work into. Each class did a great job singing and some acting. As leaders of the day, we were also in charge of being the MC’s for the ceremony. The English students, we Glimpsers, and the students’ parents and family had a wonderful time coming together and celebrating. Not only did our English students graduate, but also Global Glimpse received an official declaration from the city of Constanza as a “Distinguished Guest of Honor”. We left a lasting, positive impression on the community of Constanza.

After a long day we ended it off with our last nightly meeting that left us all sharing laughter and love. Many of us shed tears, shared big love to those around us, and we came to the realization that this trip is almost over. Though it’s sad to say goodbye to everyone, this experience was a beautiful one, and will stay with us forever.

We as a group learned a lot about ourselves individually and also collectively. With our community action project coming to an end, we took the time to reflect upon the experience and how it went for us. We noticed that our strength as a group was our capacity to push ourselves and be immersed in the tasks. We worked hard to complete the tasks. We learned that communication was crucial to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively work together. For some that meant that they felt as if they needed to raise their voice to be heard and for others it meant being open to listening to what others had to say.

Cecilia – As leader of the day today, I learned to step out of my comfort zone and have my voice heard. At first I wasn’t as excited to be leader of the day, but as the day went on I came to a realization that being leader isn’t as bad as I thought. Throughout the day I made sure to tell everyone to stay hydrated and take care of themselves. Time management was key for this day, so as leader of the day I needed to make sure everyone was on task and working hard. The graduation ceremony was a big step for me to step out of my comfort zone, being that I had to MC it. After this experience, I hope to continue working on my leadership skills and expanding my voice for all to hear.

Melchor – Being leader of the day, I learned that in order to lead a group, it’s important that you get your voice across to everyone. Today’s task involved a lot of teamwork and managing a variety of projects with my peers in different areas of the school. Therefore, in order to get everyone working, as a leader it was my responsibility to be on top of everything and making sure that everyone had something to do each moment. This was important in keeping things moving and making the most of our time. As for being the MC of the graduation ceremony, I learned that being confident in myself since is vital to doing a great job.

Overall, today was a really successful day and one of the most memorable days. We are proud of each other in completing two major things in one day and having them turn out amazing.

P.S – I miss you mommy, dad, Michael, and Mayra. Michael, I hope you remembered to walk and feed Phineas every day. – Melchor

Hola, mami, papi, y Lily los extraño mucho. Mi saludan a toda la familiar. Leo you better have done my application – love you. – Cecilia

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