Kaya, Rashid and Jewel are ready to get to work

Kaya, Rashid and Jewel are ready to get to work



“A lot of little people, doing little things in little places, can change the world” –Eduardo Galeano

20150717_105444In other words this means that small actions by individuals can add up to create a massive impact. Change on a large scale does not often occur immediately because each individual must contribute their role into the process one by one. And everyone is different which is why different groups create changes at different paces. Most people would think that one individual’s action will not cause an impact. However, it can because if every individual plays their part in order to better the world then as a whole, humanity can accomplish wonderful deeds.

Hi, I am Sheila from School of the Future H.S. in the Gramercy neighborhood in NYC! NYC is a magnificent and convenient city full of diverse food and people! Although NYC remains my comfort zone, I should step out of my shell for a while. And being the leader of the day today helped pull me out of my comfort zone. I had to wake everyone up and in a way nag everyone. In the same way I had to wake everyone up like a parent would since I wanted to wake them up calmly. I tried to knock light but audible; when I did some people didn’t reply so I was hesitant to knock again in fear that I would seem annoying to them. Additionally, I had to again nag everyone to get out of their rooms after getting them to wake up. Basically, I experienced the difficulty of being an understanding and caring leader which is very much like a loving parent.

20150717_095211As the day progressed I had to raise my voice which I usually do not do. Some would say I am quiet and so overcoming this challenge was probably the most difficult. But in order to get past the headcounts I had to speak loud and clear for my peers to respond. Moreover, at the Jinova community where the glimpsers are constructing a library, I had to pay attention to my peers especially keeping extra attention to those who were sick yesterday. Normally, I keep track of myself and never mind people around me. However, today I was able to care about others more than I usually would which was a pleasant feeling. Nonetheless, I would say I attempted to be a brave and kind leader by just speaking loudly and being aware of others. Becoming a leader was actually not too overwhelming since my partner Robert V. was leading alongside me. He had a stronger voice and sometimes he took over the headcounts which was a relief for me. Taking over sometimes was a great help and I realized that working with a partner is not that bad!

20150717_120629Hello my name is Robert and I am currently a senior at The Eagle Academy for Young Men. While being the leader of the day I faced many challenges; one being the fact that I am very shy in front of crowds and I had to talk and eventually overcome that shyness. Also, keeping everything in check, for example I had to manage the time, make sure everyone was feeling okay, had water bottles filled and a whole lot of stuff. Even though that wasn’t that great of challenge my day went smoothly. As for today our delegations traveled to Jinova in order to fulfil the C.A.P (Community Action Project) project, which was generated in order to create an educational center for students to learn and to study peacefully.

Each group had different tasks at hand; painting, construction , cleaning and organizing, Eventually each group finished what needed to be done and was able to finish a lot in just a couple of hours. Overall everyone did their parts today in the CAP project and made sure it was done correctly.