Hi, it’s Maria! Today was our very first Community Action Project Day also known as CAP. We all had a very exciting day starting with a 6:30 wake up call, after which we had a delicious breakfast and then headed over to the community of Pusuca, located 3,000 feet higher than Riobamba. We began our long day’s work with leveling out the mirador (viewpoint) alongside the Pusuca community members.  We were able to completely level the mirador in a shocking speed, it only took us about 2 hours. After which Diana and I along with Dona Juanita went down to the beach to collect rocks to create a path in the mirador, while others stayed at the mirador for about an hour. We then headed over to the community building and had a delicious pasta/potato salad for lunch. The afternoon consisted of pulling weeds in the community park which were then placed in piles and set on fire. Interesting fact, burned weeds turn back into soil. The Pusuca community had a Sunday afternoon soccer game which is tradition and many of the glimpsers participated in the back. Mid afternoon we headed back to La Primavera where we had free time, many took a shower and then a nap, while others went out to get some delicious crepes. Overall today was a really fun day. The most inspiring person I met today was Dona Juanita, being able to have the strength that she demonstrated today picking up the rocks was just amazing and surreal, I can honestly say that we are all proud of the work we did  today and the remarkable speed in which it was accomplished.

Hello, it’s Taniea, working within the Pusuca community today was the most inspiring but challenging experience. Leveling out the mirador and beautifying the community park alongside the  residents of Pusuca has not only brought the community happiness but also unity and friendships  amongst the Glimpsers. Although this project has worn us out and given us many blisters on our hands and feet, we really enjoyed seeing the beautiful bright smiles of the community members. The most inspiring person I’ve met by far from the Pusuca community is Leonardo, the community’s president. Leonardo’s commitment and dedication to the CAP has inspired me to continue hoeing the weeds on the mirador and in the community park. While he helped us and sometimes even stopped to watch, he kept a big smile on his face the whole time which makes me even more excited to be back for CAP Day Part 2 tomorrow morning.

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