Hi, our names are Lauren and Eman, and today we were the leaders of the day! We started off by waking everyone up at 7:30, and ate pancakes for breakfast (no gallo pinto!!!!). After finishing our meal, we started writing letters of appreciation to donors/the people who made it possible for our delegation to be on this trip. Once we finished writing, we drove to a local hardware store and bought the supplies for our Community Action Project. Every delegation from Global Glimpse has the opportunity to give back to a local community. Our CAP is redesigning two rooms in a local school, San Pablo II, and building benches and shelves for the children to put supplies on. The moment we arrived at the school, we ate lunch (pasta salad, vegetables, bread, and drinks in a bag!!). After eating, we started painting and sanding/cutting wood to make furniture. After three hours of work, we headed back to Casa Roja, and had an hour to take showers or do English prep. Then, we had dinner (Gallo pinto, pupusa, salad, and a pineapple/rice drink). Soon after, we walked to the school where we get our English on!! We had a ton of fun, as usual, and played volleyball with our students. We also got to learn new words/phrases in Spanish. After dancing back to the hostel, we got into our nightly meeting, and passed the torch to tomorrow’s leaders of the day. What we really loved about today was seeing our whole delegation come together with community members to start producing a new environment for the school. Also, we enjoyed being able to witness the people smile at our work.

From Eman: miss you and love you mama! Having so much fun. Can’t wait to see you. (Heart emoji)

From Lauren: I miss everyone back at home!! Everyone here loves to dab and dance; I’m in heaven. Love you all.

Painting the piñata room!

Cutting wood!