Hello families and friends,

Today was our first CAP day, as usual we woke up early but not too early like other days. We woke everyone up at 7:00 we left to Don Carlos to get some delicious breakfast like every other day. Today for breakfast we had cut up fruit with yogurt and on top we had granola with a side of jamaica juice. As we finished our food we head back to the hostel for an energizer because we were all drained of energy from our fun day, yesterday. After getting a little more energy we started to write our first rough drafts of appreciation to the general donors and supporters of the Global Glimpse program. Although we only had about an hour to write these letters many of us did not finish them because we had so much to write about and be thankful for. Just in general it is a privilege to be able to be part of this program and work with people we had never met, but created a really strong bond to help out the community, and having said that we want to thank all our supporters and donors out there.

Once we finished writing our letters we went out to buy all the materials and supplies we needed for our CAP project. When buying all the supplies we had a hard time picking the colors of paint we needed because they didn’t have the exact colors we wanted. Not only that but when buying the wood, cement, etc., the worker that took our order on the phone did not right it down and so we had to make a few calls to get it all sorted out which did take longer than expected but we got what we needed. Then having all the materials loaded on the bus we left to the Casa de los Suenos to start working!

It was a difficult to be Leaders of the day on the first day of our CAP project because first we were exhausted from yesterday, second it was very hot and we were all working very hard, and third because the paint we bought was a completely different color than the one we needed. So we walked to another paint shop to look for the color we needed and that was a fail because they had the exact color we had bought in the store before,to resolve the problem we decided to buy a white base coat to make the color look brighter and more fire red. However, before we started painting a group back at Casa de los Suenos had already started scrubbing the walls to make sure the paint we put on would last longer. Meanwhile, other groups were putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls inside the school. Since we were all very busy working we had our lunch delivered to us at the school and that really helped us regain our strength. An hour passed of just eating and resting and we got back to work.

3 hard hours of just working non-stop we made a progress on our project. We cleaned up, left everything ready for tomorrow, and then we head back to the hostel to have our free time!!!(yayyyyyyyyy) We split up into two groups and while one went to the internet cafe to speak to their families and friends the other went to buy some snacks.Once we were done we switched roles and then head back to the hostel right in time for dinner. For dinner we hast pasta with a side of bread and some tamarindo juice and that was very delicious! Dinner was also very lit because we had a mini dance party before we had to comeback to the hostel for our nightly meeting. We discussed how the day went overall and how it was a good day overall and then we passed the torched to the next leaders of the days.

Overall it was a great day experiencing teamwork and challenges we had to work together to solve and we are sorry that was it was a very rushed summary but before this blog we had 10 paragraphs written for you all and it all got deleted once we hit the publish button! 🙁 This was very hard and we even cried a little because we put so much effort into it, all so that it could disappear in a second, but we still hope you love the blog and we can’t wait to see you all in just 5 more days!!!!!!!!! Signing off for the night your leaders of the day Aylin and Maria. Goodnight everyone!!!