Hey folks, this is Zeida and Kobe, today was our first day of our CAP Delivery ( community action project ). Our morning started off energetic with anticipation for our day today and to start the reason why we all came here. We were all ecstatic on the bus talking about all the different projects we were planning. Our first group focused on the bathroom at Sol Naciente (which we had visited about a week ago and had danced at ;p ) in which we had worked on the plumbing, toilet partition, and the wall. The next group was filled with vibrant colors and brilliant quotes to adorn the bleachers and to cheer on all of the basketball players from kids to adults.

The final project and most daunting was the locker room/spare room for those with nowhere to sleep.We focused on fixing all of the holes and refurnishing it with cement. All of these projects included the locals, we got to know a few of them and even shared many skills and ideas. After a few hours, we had worked up an appetite and ate a delicious lunch of chicken cordon bleu and moro a national meal; and had invited the workers to come eat with us for all of their help. Following a small rest, we felt re-energized and hopped back to work. The sun began to beat down tiring many of us out just before dark clouds of rain had encroached. Some had been crestfallen but, Daicy encouraged us to stay for the rest of our time and to keep working hard. After a long hard day of work, we had returned to the bus drenched in sweat, caked in dirt, and looking like a canvas. We returned to the Conamuca for a refreshing cold shower. As always we, ended the day with a nice home cooked meal everyone had devoured like starving animals.We ended the night with lots of love and an all around relaxed mood. T-minus one and half days filled with excitement and anxiety.