Hola familias!

Today was our first Cap day at the Hope Project, today we woke up very early at 6am to Esther’s lovely singing and Maria’s loud banging noises on the door, especially on the guys room. We had an omelet today for breakfast along with some bread and fruit punch thanks to Jaime. We started our energizer at 8am bright and early with some running.

After our energizer we headed out to the Hope project and started working while a few went with our coordinator Alex to go buy some supplies for us to begging building, unfortunately we weren’t able to go along with our planes due to the fact that shopping for supplies took long but we were able to begin our project by cutting some wood. We had a fun day playing new games and running around with the children keeping them busy throughout the day. We made lots of new little friends, the most beautiful moment today at the Hope project was when Brian was able to reunite with little buddy Johan. Due to the inspiration of Brian many of us got out of our comfort zone and made new friends and friendships.

We had a delicious hamburger for lunch along with some fries for lunch in the bus. After we said our goodbyes we came back to the hostel and had some free time. A few of us went shopping and others went to get some delicious ice cream at became before dinner, the best ice cream store in Matagalpa. For dinner we had Gallo pinto and some taquitos. After out dinner we headed out to our English tutoring some students learned prices, weather, and greetings while others had small dance offs. We ended our night with a daily nightly meeting and gave each other feed backs. Today was a priceless day for all of us and a day to always remember.
See y’all soon!