Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful Committed Citizens Can Change The World” -Margaret Mead

Todays wake up call was the usual 7:20 AM. Like always, we headed to Roma Santa for breakfast. We were served some delicious plantain cheese cake, mixed fruit, and an oat drink.  After breakfast we headed to the Love On school home and finally got to start on our much-anticipated CAP Project!

At Love On we got to meet everybody that would be working alongside us. We worked together to paint rooms, design the wall art, and we worked on the beautiful front garden. At the front garden we got to plant a lemon tree and SO many pink flowers. We learned to work together as a team and take into account what other people do to optimize the process. Many people worked different jobs so working together was a challenge. For example, we started with four groups, furniture, decoration, gardening, and school supplies. Unfortunately we could only split into decoration and gardening today. So, having so many people split into two groups was definitely a process. However, we were pleasantly surprised with a lunch from Isabel! Isabel made us steak, broccoli/cauliflower, and french fries! We are very proud to have made so much progress with the first phase of our project.

To finish the day we came back to the hotel and got to have a MUCH NEEDED shower! Then we went of to dinner. We were treated to rice, herbed chicken, and salad.

Being LDD’s today was very hard, we had to manage a group of almost 20 people! But, we learned that sharing responsibilities makes the job a lot easier. We can’t wait for the last two days of our CAP project and the last few days of our stay in beautiful Riobamba, Ecuador!