Hey GG fam bams!

Today was an eventful day. After all this time we have finally started what we came here for. To kick off CAP Day 1, we woke up at the usual time, 7am and the three of us took a trip to attempt to confirm our order and gather up supplies. Only to find that they hadn’t filled our order but thankfully one of GG leaders, Mabel, stayed back to save day and still got to work only an hour later than expected. We arrived to Bario las flores and got right to work picking up trash found packed into the creeks. Among the things we found our favorites are: a full suit case, the front of a stereo system, and a stiletto heel. Finishing trash clean up faster than expected we mixed many wheel barrows full of concrete then continued to pass it down the path in buckets. Community members then added the concrete alongside the creek to reinforce the eroding sides of the creek. 

At 12 we received a scrumptious delivery from our favorite bus driver, RUDY! A community member, Maria, opened up her home to us to have a place to eat out of the sun. As leaders of the day due to space restrictions we had the honor of serving each person individually a plate of rice, albondigas, and salad. After serving up extra plates of delicious meals for community members we headed back to work with full stomachs and heightened energy. We got back to work and were surprised to see the community members worked through lunch working to cover the creek with planks of wood to be covered with concrete the following day. One group got to shoveling wheel barrows full of sand and gravel to be mixed with concrete while the other group started filling in the path with rocks. After a long day of work we finally started packing up our belongings and our last full wheel barrows of sand and gravel mixtures and ended our strenuous first day of work.

We headed back to our temporary home tired and in desperate need of a showers. We cleaned up and had free time which we spent either sleeping or shopping at the local markets. We came back to complete our seminar:letters of appreciation followed by dinner and then our nightly meeting to pass the torch to tomorrows LDDs. 

We love and miss our families! Well see you all very soon..3 more days!!


Nora, Ella, and Ari