Today we started our day by waking up at 7 am this morning. We focused on Day 1 CAP (community action project). We arrived at one of three locations at nine in the morning. We got taught how to use the tools and showed where we were going to start working. We all got our tools and gloves and started to dig up all the dirt to make space to put our pipes down under the soil. So the community can have access to clean water.

We stopped at twelve and got ready to go eat some lunch. We had rice with vegetables, we also had chicken, delicious pasta, salad, fresh fruit, and to drink we had fruit punch. At one in the afternoon, we started working again and digging up more soil. After lunch, we felt that we couldn’t keep going because we really didn’t have enough energy. But as soon as we started to dig we got energized. The weather also at the beginning was very sunny but after lunch, the sun went away and it got very cloudy and there was a breeze of wind. Which helped everyone to keep on pushing through. We got a lot done in three hours. Our clothes and shoes were dirty from the hard work. We were also sweaty, sunburnt and some got tan!

Also, some got blisters but that shows the hard work we put in this day. This makes us reflect on how our parents work this hard and how it feels to work in the fields on a sunny day.

After a hard day of work, we finished our first CAP day. We came home and had quiet time for an hour. When quiet time was over we had a meeting. After that, we had more free time to rest, shower and talk to others :). We had dinner, we finished our dinner and we had our nightly meeting to pass the torch.

Messages home from the LDDs:

Hello to my family back home:). I wanted to say that I’m doing well. I’m healthy and also kind of ready to go home and see everyone and talk about this trip. Everyone is nice out here even though I have one blister so far, a lot of mosquito bites, and a bit more tan than I was expecting. But everything otherwise is good. See you in some days:). – Lucy Escobar

Hi to all of my lovely family that I miss so much. I want to let you know that I’m very happy and that this trip will be unforgettable for me. Thank you for all the greetings you sent it gave me even more energy for this trip. I sent a lot of kisses and hugs.
See you very soon.- Lesly Pani V.