Hey everybody! My name is Emma and I was Leader of the Day for our first day working on our Community Action Project! We are building an EcoPark for Fundación Cristal’s new school!

Our day started early, waking up at six! After breakfast, we split up into our groups to work on our respective parts of the project. After a lot of planning and budgeting, we headed out into Estelí! It was amazing to see all the people that were willing to help us by donating supplies or providing us discounts! One group collected over forty five tires, while others collected supplies like paints, brushes, wood, tools, etcetera!

Once our shopping time was up, we hopped on a bus to the school to begin a long day of work. A bunch of locals were already there, working hard on preparing the land for us to get started.

My group, which is responsible for “beautification,” got to work right away, with pick axes and shovels, digging a trench that would be the beginning of a wall of tires! It was difficult, but we eventually set into a rhythm. Some picked up the tools and worked as though they had been using them all their lives, while others tried to do the same, but took on more of the appearance of a strange and modern age interpretive dance crew as they theatrically tumbled about. Other crews also set to work, building the foundations for their creations, digging holes and outlining their structures.

Some of the locals that were working with us had brought their kids, and so we set them to work painting tires. We mixed a rainbow of colors, and it was awesome to see the kids’ creativity and excitement. This park is for them, and they can’t wait to see it completed.

By the end of everything, I would argue that Diana and I were a close tie for the title of “Most Covered In Paint.” Mandatory showers would be taken later.

We danced to the music playing and worked until around 5:30, when we finally piled on the bus. We ate dinner once we got back and everyone took their much needed showers. The laundry came back just in time, with creative spellings of our names, including “Mandi,” and “Shopnoire.”

After our nightly meeting, the torch was passed to Irma, who started her day off with a bang, as we went to a fundraiser party that night at Sonati, where we watched local artists perform and relaxed.

Overall, today was a really inspiring day. To see how passionate all the Glimpsers are about their project was really amazing. The community and Global Glimpse really came together to do this project. From Michael running around hunched over all day to “work” with a little girl whose heart he won over, to Austin, repeating “Hola” over and over to a local’s daughter that was fascinated by his inability to produce a perfect Spanish accent, the Glimpsers and the locals created a beautiful work environment. I can’t wait to work more.

We escaped today only mildly wounded, our hands blistered and bloody, and some (sorry mom) really sunburnt shoulders. However, spirits remain high, and if anything, these are just proof of how much love and hard work we are putting into this project.

We will use more sunscreen and gloves tomorrow and will work even harder.

E1C over and out!

P. S.
Lots of love to everyone at home 🙂

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