20150804_154206Hey…. Hoo…… Its Florence coming to you live from Granada, Nicaragua. So today is my turn to be El Lider Del Dia and it was a very challenging experience. Today is CAP 1 Day. CAP stands for Community Action Project. Our project is to help beautify a school in a rural community. So we started off the morning by waking up at 5:50 AM which wasn’t really bad because we’ve been up way earlier than that. So then, after everyone was dressed and ready for the day, we headed to El Comedor La Favorita, our usual restaurant, for breakfast. For breakfast we had a fruit bowl of pineapple, cantaloupe, and WATERMELON which was topped off by yogurt and GRANOLA (yummmmmmmmmmmmmm). (P.S. Don Carlo is my best friend). So after breakfast, we came back to hostel and were divided into five groups. Within these group, we create two design that we would like to use to help beautify the school. It was very fun hearing everyone’s ideas. After giving in our final designs to Macaroni (McCall) and Enna, we headed out to go SHOPPING! No not clothes shopping! Our project shopping. We made a few stops to collector materials such as paint, wood, paint brushes and more.

I was kind of disappointed hearing that our plans were cancelled to go meet the treachery at the school and the people of the community. So with the time that was left, we had FREE TIME! For free time, Keila, Anasia, Dwayne and I went around central park to pick up some souvenirs. It was very fun and adventurous to find the hidden shops that were there.

For lunch we had white rice with veggies, a stew which I keep forgetting the name of and some plantain. It settled very well in my stomach although I had back pain. But I never let it get the best of me. Even my follow glimpsers were checking up on me daily.

After lunch, we had another free time. For this free time, Keila, Romario, Jessica, Dwayne, and I went to Café de la Sonrisas to meet with Tio Antonio for the last time before we leave. We had a conversation about one of the world’s most common conflict. Also we talked about Nicaragua and how he is starting a campaign to help people in rural communities to get light. The conversation with him really touch my heart. I am so happy to have met a man like him who is able to see something and make a change and even a big impact on do many lives.

After leaving the café, I was able to talk to me my mom (Hi Mommy, I know you’re reading this) and every conversation I have with her brightens up my day and makes me smile. This trip has showed me how to appreciate her more.

After free time, we made our way back to the hostel where we prepared ourselves for our English tutoring. Every moment I spend with the students, I cherish because it’s so amazing seeing kids learning English. The amount of fun and energy I have with these kids could last me a life time. I just felt really bad for my fellow glimpsers who didn’t have students. Being the caring person I am, I invited some of them to come into my group’s class . After tutoring, we headed to dinner where we had Burgers and fries. AMAZING AS ALWAYS!

The nightly meeting went smoothly. All the pluses and wishes I receive made me smile. One thing I learned today is that being a leader is not all about taking charge. It’s more about inspiring others and also having fun (thanks to Jordan for helping me out with that last sentence). Thanks for reading and have a good night. (P.S. Jarrett is cooking bacon and it smells really g

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