Wassup y’all it’s Sam and Dom,

Today was an interesting turn of events. We rode out strong and ready to start our CAP day one project, ready to work with the communities on their water pipes. However, Mother Nature said “yeah uh, NAH.” Unfortunately, the heavy rain was a big obstacle and caused us to head back. We didn’t let that destroy our spirits though; instead we spent the majority of the day here at the hostel bonding, playing games, and doing a scavenger hunt. Though by the afternoon some of us were BEGGING to get outside for some fresh air. So a group of us also went out to get ice cream which was delicious. Afterwards, we wrote postcards to all of our supporters from AWAY, United Airlines, and our other Global Glimpse supporters. We then had fun playing some more games, and ended the night with laughs and a great meal.

Now, before you guys congratulate us on being the best bloggers, we figured we’d treat you to some beautiful comments from our fellow glimpsers!

Bree: Hey guys!! Can’t wait to see you all when I get back. I hope Dahuia had a safe flight and hopefully Zaharah is there too. Wish her a happy birthday for me and remind her I’m her best friend and I love her lots!

Manny: Hi ma, love you and miss you. I am excited to come home.

Mei: Hi mom and dad, I hope you had a good time in Las Vegas. I miss you guys but am having a great time here so don’t worry about me and I’ll see you soon. Love you.

John S.: Hey mom, dad, and sister! Miss you guys a lot and my bed, especially the shower and my bed.

Joralis: Hi ma, miss you, see you on Thursday. Love, Joralis.

Jozel Newby: Hey Donnell, thank you for writing to me so much. I really love you and miss you. I am having a great time. I can’t wait to tell you about it. Remember to check my tiktok for me. I love you. See you soon.

Cequan: Yo Ma, Guess What………… Chicken Butt

Ari: Hey Family! It truly warms my heart hearing your messages. Its amazing being connected to yall through your comments! I always appreciate your support and I’m excited to tell you all about my time here in Jarabacoa! Much love and see you soon! Ari

Izzy: Hey Dad, I miss you a lot. Please don’t forget to pick me up from the airport and bring my favorite meal please 🙂 I love you!

Sam: Hi y’all, love hearing your messages and I can’t wait to see you in 3 days. I miss you guys (especially a blind squirrel)!

Nicole Zummo: Hi friends and family reading the blogs! Miss y’all but I’m having a lot of fun.

Brooklynn: Missing everyone in NYC but wanna stay in DR.

JT: Hey mom I love you and miss you… feed Ali and let him know I love him.

Dom: Love you mom n dad! Miss yall a lot! King’s coming home in 3 days, can’t wait to turn up with everyone when I get back! See you soon!