We started our wonderful day by waking up in the morning and having a nice breakfast. Today our last day at the Hotel Tamarindo, our home for the past 10 days.  So, we had to pack all our things to move to another Hotel. All the housekeeping members were very nice and hospitable, and always saying “A la orden” after we said thank you.  When we were leaving they told us they were going to miss us, saying like we brightened the Hotel. We gave the Hotel a Thank you card, signed by all the delegation. After all the delegation was packed and ready to go, we headed over to the other Hotel called “Hotel D’ Angel.” As we walked in we all we very impressed because the Hotel was beautiful. It had waterfalls, nice café tables and a balcony. And let’s not forget about the rooms, the rooms are so gorgeous, where the light can come through and very cozy. We got to chill in our rooms and got to know the Hotel for some time. After settling in the Hotel we started our Academic Seminar, and the GG Coordinators lead the meeting and they were introducing our Community Action Project Day 1.

The Community Action Project consists of 3 D’s Discovery, Design, and Delivery. It’s a project where we first look at a community and discover it and think about what we can change to make it better. Another day is when we work on our project and start creating that change. Our last day is finishing our project and showing the work we have done to the community. Today we went to explore Guachupita and Bella Vista, and they are small communities right next to San Juan de la Maguna. We first went to Bella Vista and arrived at their lovely church were all the community members were welcoming us. After saying hello to everyone, we sat down and the coordinators started to introduce herself and her team. They told us what they have around them and what we were going to see. But before going to the tour the community had a performance prepared for us. What they performed for us was a small dance to welcome us, and we loved it. After the performance we went to the tour. While we were heading out the church the little girls from the community just grabbed our hand and started walking with us. This moment was many of the delegations favorite part because we got very attached to them, just talking to them and having a good experience. In the tour they showed us their school, clinic, tutoring house, and the house where children play. Two places that all of us thought need more work to make better was the tutoring room, and the house where children have fun. The Tutoring house was a nice place where kids can do their homework, and learn. Things we saw that we can better is that their door to go to the backyard was broken, and their fence that divides them with other houses was falling down. What we discovered in the house where children go play and are taken care of is that when you walked in their was rocks all over, and they said children always had accidents when walking and they hurt themselves, they have no electricity, their roof is really bad, and also the paint in the walls is faded. After seeing these beautiful communities the delegation has an idea of what we can try to fix. After we discovered the place we played with the children and had so much fun and we knew they were happy because of their smile on their face. Then after we were done we said good -bye to the community.

As we were walking to the Hotel one of our amazing coordinators invited us for some ice-cream, and it was perfect because it was so hot. Then we went to eat dinner, and had our nightly meeting and went to bed.

Being Student of the Day was a great experience because it teaches you how to motivate others, have their attention, and feel good about yourself. In the nightly meeting I was glad to hear that many my amazing friends were happy with my group. Because a leader can’t be a leader, without her other leaders by their side!