Hi my name is Bianca Muñoz and I am from Redwood City, California. I am 17 years old and currently attend Sequoia High School. Hola, my name is Andrea Valencia, I am from Oakland, California. I am 17 years old and I currently  attend Oakland High School. Today, we were both co-leaders of the CAP execution day 2.

We continued working hard on repairing the park, known as “4 De Julio”, for the community. We had many accomplishments, and with that came a lot of obstacles. We repainted the walls, wrote our quote, which is, “Aquellos que son lo suficientemente locos como para pensar que pueden cambiar el mundo, son los unicos que lo cumple”(The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do), and started the mural, which was started with team work and dedication, not only with the help of our glimpsers, but also by the community, and Club Activo 20-30. One of our obstacles was assigning our fellow glimpsers jobs and finding  the materials they needed to finish their jobs.

Unfortunately one of our most challenging obstacles was the rain which started during the second part of the day. We were not fully done with the mural which meant that the paint was still wet and rain caused part of the mural to be washed off. However we were not discouraged, many glimpsers stepped up and did everything they could to protect the legacy we were trying to leave. Many took out the umbrellas and ponchos they had in their backpacks and stood directly under the rain and attempted to cover the mural. All the people helping said that it felt like they were standing in the rain forever.

Now to talk about the people from the community, the DR & U.S ambassadors, and Club Activo 20-30 that helped in achieving the beautiful park of 4 de Julio. Miguel Angel and Marisol Monteros from the community were amazing contributors that really went out of their way to repair the park. Miguel Angel helped us with the mixing of the paint and adding his own touch to the mural. Marisol Monteros repainted most of the play structures and was willing to help with anything. Now our amazing ambassadors: Luis, Jefry, Maya, and Francis volunteered their time to help with any work around the park. Many members from Club Activo 20-30 came out and supported Global Glimpse by painting the places that were too dangerous for us to reach. Due to the rain the park was not completed, but we refuse to be discouraged. Tomorrow we will use our free time to go back and complete the mural which will be our legacy. Tune in for the final project tomorrow.