Today was the second day of working on our CAP project and we have made steady progress. First, we went to breakfast where we had eggs, Gallo Pinto, and tortillas. Right after breakfast we went to Los Pipitos to get started because we had a lot to catch up on. We were able to paint the entire warehouse white and clear out the inside before lunch time which was the goal. The women that were helping us wanted to keep working so we mixed some more paint for them so we could go eat, they didn’t even stop to eat. Then, we hurried to lunch and had a traditional Nicaraguan dish with tortillas. Since we had so much to do we ate pretty fast and made our way back to Los Pipitos to continue painting and organizing. It was really nice to see all the kids so determined to help us paint, they would even take the paint brushes from us. Before lunch there were a lot of frustrations and many people were not agreeing which made the situation a little stressful.

However, after lunch all the emotions changed. We were laughing more and I think we really remembered why we were there because the painting went so much faster. Today, we finished 95% of the front wall which is good but we wanted to finish the other two walls too. Before we left Los Pipitos today we were taking a bunch of pictures and that was my favorite part of the day because everyone came together and it was really sweet. We ended up using our hour of free time today to clean up and wrap everything up for the day. Next, we went straight to dinner looking really dirty because we were covered in paint from head to toe. For dinner we got Jinotega style hot dogs with the most deliciouso iced tea I have had in my entire life. When we walked outside to go back to the hotel we saw some people dancing so we decided to go join. This was really fun because even some of us who didn’t really want to dance ended up dancing and having fun. All in all today was a great day, we just have to remember to have fun and work hard at the same time.